Over ten years on stage, clubs and festivals all around, six studio records and nearly 200 live shows to date. Chaotic stirs the still waters of the Czech off-beat scene and with every new record they let out they push the borders of genre and prove that reggae music can be perceived otherwise. Every song is if only a little different, genre-wise, and that makes Chaotic pretty hard to place in style - you could regard them as a disco-reggae band, or you could perhaps see a electro-dub project where they stay or a company of r'n'b- dancehall-style melody makers.

Chaotic warms up the audience wherever they come - and we're not talking about just the Czech republic, mind, Chaotic has played shows in Germany, France, Hungary, Slovenia and Slovakia too! Their music sets numb limbs in motion during the chilly evening and ushers the bodies to the dance floor. „I Wanna Dance With You“, the title song of their debut album, speaks of that clearly: „We're gonna show you how we can spend a wonderful evening together!”